Multi-Language Supported

flagNally has GBK and UAO conversion tables built-in (UAO is a legacy encoding that's still and only be used in Taiwan BBS). You can use Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese kana & kanji, Cyrillics or more languages with Nally.

Display Hidden Text

eyeSome confidential information was hidden by setting the text color the same as background and mixed these text in usual articles. Nally can display hidden text so you won't lost any information.

SSH secure connection

lockTelnet is not safe. Nally support ssh secure connection that prevents bad guys sniffing every bits you send and receive on internet.

Open Source

projectNally is an open source project. You can learn how Nally accomplish things by pimping it's source code. Furthermore, you can build whatever feature you want based on Nally!

Save Your Favorite Emoticon

emoticonく( ;; ' Д ` ;)ノシ Some cute emoticons are hard to input because they consist of unicode symbols not on keyboard. 囧 Save them and access easily. ( ≧ u ≦ )b

Handy Helpers Inside Contextual Menu

dictionaryReading words you don't know? Lookup in Dictionary. Find something interesting? Search on Google. Just right-click, you can access Tinyurl, Google and built-in Dictionary.

Mouse-aware Cursor Moving

mouseWhen editing text, moving the cursor by command-click may be faster than pressing arrow key several times.

Smart Paste

pasteNally not only wraps long lines for you when pasting text copied from web page but also preserves the ANSI control sequences when you copy ASCII Arts. Furthermore, it translates the raw ANSI color control sequence into the form that BBS accepted.


System Requirement

  • Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or later
  • 5MB+ Disk space
  • Internet connection
  • PowerPC or Intel Mac

Still Using Tiger?

dort There is a subproject called Dort which back ports Nally to Tiger.


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