Q: Can I browse in full screen mode or auto-login into BBS?

Nope. If you really want these features, you can checkout the source code and build your own version. Currently, I have no plan on including these features into Nally.

Q: Nally crashes during start up.

I got few reports said that their Nally could't start because their preferences were damaged. Try to move ~/Library/Preferences/org.yllan.Nally.plist to elsewhere and launch Nally again.

Q: Tell us the story of Nally.

I love MacBlue Telnet since System 7.x. It's the ultimate solution for BBS on Mac. However, MacBlue Telnet cannot run on Mac OS X natively. So I had a plan to port MacBlue Telnet to OS X.

It's harder then I thought–––it even contains some assembly code. Hence, I decided to rewrite the whole thing using Cocoa in my spare time.

In 2005, toki released a great BBS software called AlienBBS: fast, bitmap font and good rendering. I soon realized that it's a great work and turned my progress into hacking AlienBBS to provide more functionalities to it.

I was quite happy with AlienBBS and of course, my MulderPatch. But someday my girlfriend complained that she didn't like the bitmap font of AlienBBS. Ouch. Some thoughts came into my brain: AlienBBS is good, but not beautiful. Mac users like beautiful software.

And... you know. Nally was born in 2007. It's Leopard only. After demonstrating Nally to my sister, she asked me to make it run on her Tiger system. Boom. Dort released.

I also have to mentioned that jjgod, a talented programmer from China, helped me a lot. He maintain this open source project and contantly improve Nally.

What I learnt in the development process of Nally is, girls really play an important role in software development.