Why telnet-based BBS?

Telnet-based BBS, rarely seen in other countries, is a special internet culture in Taiwan and China: it provides forum, email, IM, chat, pet, chess and more via plain text interface. But why not use web interface? Because once you get familiar with BBS, it's far more efficient than web page–––just like why a hardcore programmer still uses vim.

The biggest Taiwan BBS called PTT, which allows 140,000+ users online simultaneously, has lots of latest information that even the news reporters looking for material on it.

Optimized for BBS & Leopard

Nally has many features designed for Taiwan BBS. You can use Japanese kanji or many other languages without problems. Save your emoticons or snipplets for input next time. Copy and paste ANSI-color text. Move your cursor using mouse. Render with Quartz and Core Text technologies. SSH secure connection. Tinyurl, Google and Dictionary right inside contextual menu.

But the main reason most people choose Nally is–––it's beautiful and it just works.


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