1. Download the MulderPatch.dmg.
  2. window
  3. Copy MulderPatch in DMG into ~/Library/InputManagers. If there is no such folder, please create it manually.
  4. path
  5. There is no step 3.


  1. Now you can use Ctrl key with Hanin input method. hanin
  2. You can paste text with newline now.
  3. You can also use "Paste Wrap" to wrap long lines automatically.
  4. ANSI Color copy & paste is supported.
  5. paste
  6. Contextual menu. Right click on selected text, you can google, look up in dictionary, expand tinyurl or
  7. menu
  8. Detect double byte manually. If this option is enabled, it will send twice delete or arrow key if you encounter a Chinese character. It's useful if your BBS system did not support double byte aware editing.
  9. double byte
  10. When editing post, hold the command key and cursor will become cursor. Command-click and your caret on BBS will move to where you click immediately.
  11. click


Just remove the MulderPatch in ~/Library/InputManagers.