Make AlienBBS More Powerful

AlienBBS is a good BBS software made by toki. It's small and fast. However, it only provides basic functionalities –––although that's sufficient to most users, some BBS addicts need advanced features.

MulderPatch not only fixes bugs of AlienBBS but also adds advanced features to AlienBBS like ANSI color copy/paste, contextual menu and click to move cursor.

MulderPatch only works in Tiger. If you use Leopard, how about give Nally a try?

MulderPatch is free. You are good.

MulderPatch is freeware. If you enjoy this software, please consider:

  • Put a link to my website or Hypo on your homepage.
  • Donate to me. I need money.
  • Instead of driving, try cycling, public transit or walking.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Against wars.
  • Drink less beverage. Water is healthier and waste less.
  • Save energy and resources.


System Requirement

  • Mac OS X 10.4
  • 5MB+ Disk space
  • PowerPC or Intel Mac